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November 16, 2017

VDI Security in a Zero Client World

VDI Security

VDI Security Benefits of Zero Clients

One of the key benefits of moving your local computing environment to a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment is security; VDI security… along with energy savings, cost savings, incredible performance, and centralized management, of course. But, none of that is truly really important unless your data, your information, and everything related to that, is secure. Zero Client endpoints are specifically designed to fit the needs of end users, providing the highest level of VDI security. Virtualized Desktops together with ultra-secure Zero Clients offer the most secure IT systems available. Zero Clients are safe, stateless endpoints with no local storage (or as close to none as you can actually get), enabling the ultimate in security. Containing no Operating System (OS) and no hard drive, there is no better endpoint on the market for VDI security and related deployments and management thereof. With no storage of information, the tracking and management of sensitive data in deployed storage devices is completely eliminated.

VDI Security as a Zero Client End User

As a Zero Client end user, as mentioned above, the purest definition would be that your endpoint will have “no Operating System and no local storage, or very close to none (closest you can get).” Instead of an Operating System, Zero Clients have a highly-tuned, on-board processor specifically designed for one to several VDI protocols – Citrix HDX, VMware Blast Extreme, Teradici PCoIP, Microsoft RDP, etc. Most of the decoding and display processes take place in dedicated hardware and therefore, the highest level of VDI Security and efficiency is offered, even more so than a Thin Client. Zero Clients have boot-up speeds of just a few seconds and are immune to viruses, malware, and the like… which also enhances VDI Security. Zero Clients run only with one connection type, usually Citrix or VMware, and are optimized for that specific broker. This provides a limited user interface, as most users just boot into the sign-on screen of the selected broker. All applications are provisioned from your server/data center, which lead to those fast boot-up times, little to no maintenance or involvement from IT, the highest graphics capabilities, low power-consumption, and as mentioned, extreme VDI security. You get the very highest level of VDI security as all data is deployed, managed, and maintained in one central location.

VDI Security via 10ZiG Zero Clients

10iG Zero Client endpoint devices deliver a powerful performance, VDI security, and easy, centralized management. Our Zero Clients harness the power of VMware and Citrix, supporting the latest protocols to deliver a seamless Virtualization Desktop experience. With 10ZiG NOS™, you will experience lightning-fast boot up times of seconds, simple and intuitive configuration locally (or automated) via our centralized management tool (10ZiG Manager), and the absolute lowest usage of power consumption; as low as 5 watts. The 10ZiG Zero Client lineup provides a solution for all user types, from task workers up through the most demanding power users.

About 10ZiG

10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin Client & Zero Client endpoint devices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and VDI security. 10ZiG provides leading Intel and AMD based Dual and Quad Core Thin Clients & Zero Clients for VMware Blast Extreme, Citrix HDX, Teradici PCoIP, Microsoft environments, and more. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and U.K., and as mentioned, provides “The 10ZiG Manager,” our exclusive Centralized Management Software console with cloud capabilities, completely at no charge with unlimited user licenses supported. Get your free evaluation device today.