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February 22, 2018

VDI Endpoints; Who Are Your End Users and What Is The Right Thin or Zero Client Fit

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Identifying End Users For The Right Thin or Zero Client VDI Endpoint

Matching the right VDI endpoint to end user can make the success of your VDI project:

In a world full of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure endpoint options, it may be a bit daunting trying to scale down and determine which Thin and/or Zero Clients may be just right for you. The key is to first start looking at your end users, and then start looking at VDI endpoint Client options. More often than not, end users are “employees,” so let’s take a look at what they just might be like…

Determining your end users’ current and desired usage is the best first step in finding the right Thin and Zero Client VDI endpoints. Taking account of who is doing what (and what they want to be able to do) from a computing standpoint is going to lead you in the right direction of the Client selection through pinpointing specific needs and narrowing the broad scope. Thin Clients and Zero Clients are designed to be optimized to work with specific end user requirements. It’s not always about the newest, or fastest, or coolest device that is on the market; and, sometimes it is. It all depends. Really, it’s all about fit; the right fit.

There are generally four major different types of end users in the world of Thin and Zero Clients’ computing. Who knows? You may have a mix of more than one end user type: Task Users, Knowledge Users, Power Users, and Media Users…

VDI Endpoints For Task Users

Maybe you need Thin or Zero Clients for end users who require computer access, but perhaps not all day long and perhaps not to a sophisticated degree of functionality. In which case, you are dealing with a “Task User.” This sort of user generally only needs basic operational applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, some light browsing; generally, minimal network usage, etc. Because they are more entry level in device capabilities, these Thin or Zero Client VDI endpoints will tend to naturally be less costly. They are perfect for employees who do not need a higher-performing device. A “value class,” if you will. Examples of these types of end users are employees in shipping departments, secretaries/administration, repair or maintenance folks, hotel receptionists, and similar.

  • Right Fit = Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints that serve low computer usage, have minimal browsing support, are more cost-efficient, and generally more “entry level.”

VDI Endpoints For Knowledge Users

“Knowledge Users” are employees who also solely use computers for basic applications, such as the above mentioned Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Web browsers, etc., but they tend to require a higher level of functionality than a Task User. There is an increase in general usage along with light web browsing; several software programs and related windows are required to be open simultaneously, etc. Their computing needs are more mid-level and they are using their computing devices more consistently. The Knowledge User will need to multitask, and probably even need to have multiple-monitor capability. However, there is still no need for excessive media usage or enhanced graphic performance; only basic multimedia capabilities. The cost of the Client may go up in this category of user, but the capability benefits also go up. Examples of this type of end user are employees in training labs, job-ordering (placing/processing orders), customer service, lower-end sales people, and similar.

  • Right Fit = Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints that serve medium computer usage, offer multitask capability, and support multiple monitors and light browsing requirements.

VDI Endpoints For Power Users

You may discover that you need Thin or Zero Clients that can handle a larger work load, along with higher media capabilities including HD Video/Audio, Flash/HTML5, video conferencing, and 3D & CAD support. These end users, or “Power Users,” typically require heavier processor usage, stronger media capability, and the ability to run multiple applications… all without compromising the speed of a device. They demand higher processing speeds and power, as well as sometimes triple or quad monitor capability. These VDI Endpoint devices will have faster processors and are able to handle a lot of usage. Examples of Power Users are employees in hospitals, software design, stock traders, managers, architects, and similar.

  • Right Fit = Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints that serve heavy computer usage, offer multiple-monitor display, and support heavy browsing and multimedia capability requirements.

Thin & Zero Client VDI Endpoints For Media Users

Finally, there is the most demanding type of end user that requires media-rich graphic and video optimization; and that is the “Media User.” Like Power Users, this type of end user still needs to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously, yet also has enhanced performance demands for multimedia. Large amounts of video/audio need to be able to be worked with and handled, unlike that of the other groups with simpler media needs. Related Thin/Zero Clients are capable of up to 4K UHD multiple monitor support, able to open large applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, etc., and are good for heavy browsing, while delivering stunning graphic and video performance. Examples of this type of end user are employees in graphic design, marketing, research and development, journalism, education, government, TV & film production, and similar.

  • Right Fit = Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints that serve heavy processor usage, offer high graphic and video performance, and are quad monitor capable.

VDI Endpoint

The Right Thin & Zero Client VDI Endpoints With The Right Vendor

Once you’ve determined your end user group or groups and what their needs and wants are, it’s time to start matching up the right VDI endpoint for those needs; some things to consider:

  • Operating System Support:
    • Linux, WES7, WE8S, Windows 10IoT
  • Protocol & Codec Support:
    • VMware Horizon PCoIP/Blast Extreme (H.264), RDP, Amazon WorkSpaces, PCoIP, Citrix (HDX Ready/HDX Premium/HDX 3D Pro), Microsoft VDI/RDSH, RDP, Parallels
  • Applications/Graphics Support:
    • Web Browser, 5250 Emulation, PDF Viewer, Power Term, Office Viewers, Flash Support
  • Display Resolution/Number of Monitors:
    • Single, Dual, Triple, Quad Screen Support, DVI-Ds, DVI-Is, VGAs (with Converters), DisplayPorts
  • Type & Quantity of Connections:
    • USB 2.0 Ports, USB 3.0 Ports, Serial Ports, Parallel Port,Internal Smart Card (CAC)
  • Networking Capability:
    • 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n, ac, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Fiber
  • Mountings:
    • Vertical Stand, VESA & Arm Mounting Bracket
  • Wireless Optional:
    • Internal or External Antenna
  • And, more…

Click on the following product grids to better match a 10ZiG VDI Endpoint device(s) with your end users. If you need or would like additional assistance, we’re here for you >

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10ZiG Thin Clients – Product Features Grid

10ZiG Zero Clients – Product Features Grid

The 10ZiG VDI EndPoint Device Difference

At 10ZiG, our customized Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoints fit your end users’ requirements, with an endpoint device for each and every user need. You can mix and match our devices based on your varied groups’ needs: generally, most companies do not typically stick to only one specific model for their entire company. 10ZIG is highly skilled at matching the needs of VDI endpoint devices to end users, providing the best and most efficient end user experience. We’ll process selected devices and quantities based on your needs and budgets. Our devices are future-proof, allowing for updates/upgrades, without having to fully replace the hardware.

We provide leading Intel & AMD based Clients for VMware Blast Extreme/PCoIP, Citrix HDX, Microsoft environments, and more, supporting Dual, Triple, and even Quad Screen. From low level application Task Users to high level Media Users requiring HD Video/Audio, Flash/HTML5, video conferencing, 3D, CAD & 4K UHD resolutions. Free, no-obligation, VDI endpoint Wireless Thin & Zero Client demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and U.K., and “the 10ZiG Manager,” our exclusive centralized management software console with Cloud capabilities at no charge with unlimited end user licenses, are all a part of 10ZiG.

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