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December 17, 2019

Getting Geared Up for VDI 2020

10ZiG Wants You To Be Ready For The New Year!

VDI 2020

It’s just around the corner and practically here…the big twenty, twenty, i.e. 2020! The start of a new year is a great time to assess what you’re doing, so to speak. What you’re doing right. What you’re doing wrong. What’s done. What should be done. What’s working, and what’s not working. There is no escaping that your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment including hardware, software, IT support, and end users – should also be assessed.

Here are some key decisions for this brand-new year and what you should typically be considering at this critical time.


More than ever, 2020 is the year for timely, relative decisions related to trends and changes in the VDI world. Here are a few of the key issues you should be aware of and may need to face.

Windows to Your World: Just a reminder that Microsoft Windows 7 ends its support on January 14, 2020. This includes all patches and security updates. This Windows 7 EOL support date may actually be the perfect time to upgrade your virtual desktop environment to accommodate Windows 10 IoT or look for options in the Cloud for hosting Windows 10 IoT virtual desktops.

In or Out of Cloud: New to VDI? A big decision may be whether to set up a hosted or on-premise virtual desktop infrastructure. With DaaS solutions like Amazon Workspaces, Horizon Cloud, Citrix Cloud, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops, a hosted solution is more realistic and more available than ever. If you’re going with VDI “on-prem,” decisions around infrastructure architectures such as converged, hyperconverged (HCI), and the newer disaggregated hyperconverged (dHCI), are up for part of your evaluation. Even if you’re not new to VDI, you may want to consider a host /vs/ on-prem set up.

Protocols of Plenty: 2020 will be another big year for protocol decisions. PCoIP and HDX/ICA have long been the standards, but more and more organizations are now looking to evaluate the newcomers such as Blast Extreme, Nutanix Frame, and Amazon WSP. And, Microsoft continues to improve RDP to make it VDI enterprise ready. As we know, protocols not only impact the user experience, but also lead directly to endpoint decisions. (That’s where 10ZiG can help the most!)

To GPU or Not to GPU?: That is the question! Many organizations investing in virtual desktops and virtual apps will be faced with audio/video challenges. As applications like Skype for Business, MS Teams, and softphone technology such as Cisco Jabber continue to grow in usage, organizations may need to evaluate GPU-enabled solutions to support them. This will drive decisions in the data center/cloud as well as the endpoint, so good to start reviewing now.

VDI 2020


It’s a new year, and we want it to be a happy one! Let’s not forget to evaluate the overall development and quality of your VDI 2020 environment as 2019 quickly closes. Of course, this can be done on an annual basis or perhaps twice a year; even quarterly.

Counting Heads: Who is coming and who is going? How much growth do you anticipate over 2020? Or, are you reducing headcount, i.e. number of end users? Communicate with managers on department growth or depletion. Will you need to increase or redistribute your number of virtual desktops and related endpoints? Number of licenses could become a concern. Images, applications, and use cases should also be factored in.

Performance in Check: Performance in a VDI 2020 environment can make or break its success. This type of infrastructure is always evolving and requires review as the user experience is essential. Performance monitoring could be reviewed throughout the year, but an end-of-year audit should be mandatory. Additionally, reviewing current application usage – both company-wide and on a use case basis – helps to manage your inventory of apps to its potential.

IT at Its Best: As headcount and desktops fluctuate up or down, so can your IT staff. With proper assessment of (and planning for) VDI 2020, you can better address your IT personnel needs – or equally as good, assign them to other pending initiatives. With a successfully functioning VDI environment, IT doesn’t have to run to individual workstations putting out fires or completing individual upgrades and can finally focus on other things that have been on the organization’s wish list.

Budgeting for Success: What may occasionally hold organizations back from VDI is money. As you analyze your current or potential VDI environment or upgrade, know what may seem like a costly spend can actually be a budgetary investment. A VDI environment/upgrade increases manageability, flexibility, and accessibility for the user experience; increases productivity and security; and promotes both energy and resource savings – all of which ends up saving money in the long run. (10ZiG is a VDI endpoint solution expert and can help you plan!)


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If you’re not certain as to how to think about or make the above decisions, and which VDI 2020 endpoints might be right for you – you can reach us at sales@10zig.com for a no-cost consultation.