March 11, 2013

What Type of Thin Client Would Best Suit My Department?

10ZiG ClientsHas figuring out what Thin/Zero Client you need got you stressed out? Want to implement VDI, but don't know where to begin? 10ZiG has your solution! 10ZiG offers a robust variety of Thin/Zero Clients that are optimized for specific working environments, but how can you tell just which one in fact your department needs? We are going to provide an easy to understand break down of each of our units and what environments they are best implemented in. Why should you care? It isn't all about buying the newest largest/fastest unit that is on the market. Why spend your money on a higher powered unit when you are only doing basic task orientated work? There is no point you will receive the same performance choosing a slightly less costly unit and it will limit the worker's ability to become distracted, because it limits the amount of side tasks that can be done. How do I know what is right for me? The first step in choosing the appropriate unit is identifying what sort of environment your department generally falls into.

Identifying Your Environment

There are four major different generalized types of environments/users in the world of Thin/Zero Clients computing: Task orientated, intermediate users, power users, and graphic intensive users. What do these categories constitute what job positions do each? Below is a guide to each of the environment groups and the description for each (Certain needs may vary).

Task Oriented

56xx copy03-resized-600.jpgMaybe you need a Thin/Zero Client for a group of employees who need access to a computer but do not readily use it throughout their day. Task oriented worker is the most basic of the four types of environments. This applies to people who have minimalistic needs to perform computer intensive work and have low computer usage. These sorts of users generally only need the basic operational applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and possibly some light browsing (minimal network use). Task oriented Thin/Zero Clients are generally at the lower end of the cost spectrum do to their limited capability, however they are perfect for the those who do not need a higher quality model. An example of the type of job these units would be perfect for are a shipping department, secretaries (if it is non computer intensive), repair/maintenance workers, hotel receptionists ect. The models of units we offer that fall into this category are our 5500 series units also known as our value class, and our System on Chip unit from our 5700 series also known as our next generation class.


angled-resized-600.jpgIntermediate users are those who require multiple windows to be open, but are still only really using the computer for basic applications such as Office, Adobe, a Web browser, etc. Still only really doing light browsing on the web, however a little more usage than the task oriented workers. The intermediate user generally needs to multi-task and possibly even needs to be able to have dual monitor, which this group is capable of. However there is still no need for excessive media use or enhanced graphic performance, but has multimedia capabilities. The units we offer for this are obviously slightly more costly than the others previously stated, however it allows for more applications to be open at once and is capable of handing the work load. Unlike that of the 5500 series these units are generally geared towards jobs/environments such as training labs, ordering jobs (placing/processing orders), secretaries (if requires computer more intensive work), lower end sales people. The units that we offer include the 5600 series units, and coming soon the 5800 series units (both with standard specs) both from our Performance Class.

Power User

angle shot-resized-600.jpgNeed a Thin/Zero Client that can handle a larger work load, with improved media capability? This is the environment type for you! Power users typically are those who require heavy computer usage, media capability, the ability to run multiple applications without compromising the speed of the unit, high processing speeds, quad monitor capability (6700 Series), and the ability to contain the most amount of memory. These units have the ability to perform dynamic resource allocation, meaning that instead of taking on tasks all at once they have the ability to allocate resources constantly (Extra RAM, Storage, etc.) to other Thin/Zero Clients from the server. The 6700 series offers legacy serial and parallel support for those who need. The power user units have faster processors and thus are able to handle a lot of usage. Typically these often are used by in training labs, stock traders, managers, and software design. The units that we have that can be implemented into this sort of environment are the 5600 series (max specs), the 6700 series, and the soon to be 5800 series (max specs).

Media Intensive

Tera 2 Quad FrontNeed a unit with media rich graphic optimized Thin/Zero client? Our Media Intensive units the V1200 and the new V1200Q are the units for you. Like the power user this type of user is still able to deal with a plethora of multiple tasks going on, but also has enhanced multimedia performance and can handle a large amount of video/audio unlike that of the other groups that (if capable of) have a slight lag when it comes to multimedia. This unit is capable of quad monitor (V1200Q), able to open large applications such as Photoshop, capable of heavy browsing and delivers stunning graphic performance. It features Client side caching of videos meaning it will cache the video onto the unit itself for better video playback, highly reducing any lag. For our Government users, we also provide SIPRNET and NIPRNET support from the both of the V1200 models.This environment typically is needed for: Graphic Designers, Research and Development teams, Journalists, Schools, Government etc.

Simplified Overview

Task Oriented User Intermediate User Power User Media Intensive User
Unit(s) - 5500 Series, 5700 Series Unit(s) - 5600 Series, 5800 Series Unit(s) - 5600 Series, 6700 Series, 5800 Series Unit(s) - V1200, V1200Q
  • Low Computer Usage
  • Medium Computer Usage
  • Heavy Computer Usage
  • Media Heavy Usage
  • Minimal Browsing
  • Multi-Task Capable
  • Quad Monitor Capable (6700)
  • High Graphic Performance
  • Cost Efficient
  • Dual Monitor Capable
  • Heavy Browsing
  • Enhanced Video (Client side Caching)
  • Entry Level
  • Light Browsing
  • Multimedia Capable
  • Quad Monitor Capable (V1200Q)


As our motto states, "We make our Thin Clients fit your environment," and as shown above we do have a unit for any end user needs. Many companies tend to mix and match our units based on their varied departmental needs, and generally do not stick to only one specific unit for the whole company. Here at 10ZiG we try to do our best in order to make the end user experience just as they had wanted, meanwhile implementing the appropriate units and quantity based on needs and budgetary constraints. Our units are future proof and allow for updates/upgrades without having to fully replace the hardware. So what are you waiting for, find out which unit best suits your needs and request a free demo today!