August 29, 2016

VDI Solutions: The Differences Between a Thin Client and Zero Client

VDI Solutions: Thin Client and Zero Client

“Thin or Zero?” That is the question.

Are you about to consider a Thin or Zero Client VDI solution and are still a little unclear on their differences? Or, have you just never really understood the exact differences between the two and would like to know, once and for all? Either way, you’re not the only one. Knowing the differences between these client set-ups really helps the decision-making process in terms of selecting your potential VDI solution for your organization, whether 2, 100, 1,000 desktops, or more.

So, exactly what are the differences between a Thin Client and a Zero Client? To begin with, both Thin and Zero Clients help to reduce expenses, save on power-consumption, secure data reliably, and easily troubleshoot IT problems, among other benefits. If these ideas sound good to you, then you may possibly already be considering a transition into one of these VDI solutions, or possibly should. The only questions are-what exactly are the differences between a Thin and Zero Client, and which solution is right for you?

Thin Client VDI Solutions consist of the following qualities:

• Saving on power-consumption

• Better securing your data

• Cutting down on IT maintenance

• The truest desktop VDI experience

As a Thin Client user, you will have some degree of an internal operating system like Linux or Windows (WES7/WE8S/W10loT). You will have no hard drive, but will have some local storage for customization of end-user applications. You will be able to run and change multiple connection brokers like VMware, Microsoft RDSH, Citrix, or Parallels protocols, according to the needs of your company. While this set-up has all the features typically found on a traditional (fat) PC desktop, they are stored away in your data center. With centralized management software installed on your server, you will be able to remotely manage all of your deployed devices.

Zero Client VDI Solutions consist of the following qualities:

• Fastest boot-up possible

• Lowest power-consumption

• Most secure data

• Least amount of IT maintenance

• A nearly completely OS-free VDI experience

As a Zero Client user, the purest definition is that you will have no operating system and no local storage. All applications are provisioned from your server which leads to the fastest boot-up times, little to no maintenance or involvement from IT, and the highest graphics capabilities. An onboard processor is designed to handle solely one specific protocol like Citrix HDX, Teradici's PCoIP, VMware Blast Extreme, or Microsoft RDP. Because you will have next to no internal storage or processing capability, you will get the very highest level of security with the lowest level of power-consumption. It is important to note that Zero Client set-ups are often customized with a very minimal degree of OS and storage-nonetheless, still providing end users with the nearest to zero experience possible!

VDI solutions are out there, as you already know. Whether Thin Client or Zero Client, or perhaps even PC Repurposing Software to help you to get started with your transition–knowing and understanding the differences between these two client set-ups and other potential options is essential. Find a technology partner that is not “all about” just quality product. Find one that is also all about quality service, available customer support, user-friendly warranty, no-wait replacement program, is willing to offer you free test trialsand that has your best interest at heart, not theirs. “Thin or Zero?” The difference does matter.


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