March 20, 2013

Thin Clients with Microsoft Lync Installed

As many already use Microsoft (MS) Lync as an instant messaging app, Thin Client technology has taken a step forward by pre-installing the application on Thin Client devices for heightened end-user experience. This is a primary example of how VDI solutions are becoming more related to a PC experience. For those of you who are not familiar with Microsoft Lync, the application allows for efficient communication between companies allowing for instant messaging, voice communication, and web conferencing.

Unified Communication

Microsoft LyncCompanies require constant communication between both internal and external contacts. With the use of Microsoft Lync people are able to easily communicate with anyone in their Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server contacts. The need for unified communication has grown tremendously as companies continue to grow and the industry is expected to exceed $16 billion by 2015, according to Transparency Market Research. There is no doubt that the demand for simple communication is there, but having the app pre-installed on your Thin Client device takes all the hassle away.

MS Lync Features:

Audio and video originate on the Thin Client and offloads encoding and decoding of media to the Thin Client to make the solution more scalable.

Microsoft Lync will work over WES7 and WES8.
Desktop sharing makes giving presentations to many different offices and locations simple.
Document collaboration which allows participants to share documents and see when people add text, drawings and annotations; similar to Google Documents feature.
Windows applications sharing to allow collaboration on a specific application.
Join meetings from your office or on the road with a single click, no need to dial-in or remember meeting passcodes, simply click to join.


Microsoft Lync goes beyond other unified communication applications such as IM and Skype and has many features to deliver a high-tech communication platform. One of the best features that MS Lync has to offer is its ability to sync with your contacts in Outlook and Outlook Web App. Not only are your contacts synchronized but it migrates your contact preferences and recognizes your contact card updates, for example, if you create a contact as a favorite, Lync will store that contact in the favorites folder as well.

This application now being pre-installed on certain brands of Thin Clients is highly beneficial to the workplace. Not only will communication between employees be made easier and faster, but communicating and giving presentations to remote locations will be no hassle at all.

Where Can I Buy a Thin Client with Microsoft Lync Pre-Installed?
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Right now there are not many brands that pre-install Microsoft Lync into their Thin Clients for Desktop Virtualization (VDI) but right now we are at the start of the trend. 10ZiG Technology is one Thin Client provider that is on its way to pre-embedding all of their Linux and Windows Embedded Thin Clients with Microsoft Lync, you can see 10ZiG’s assortment of Thin Clients at Other providers definitely exist but the need for Microsoft Lync will be apparent after you see how simple it makes nearly all your business tasks from conducting meetings to having simple one-on-one conversations.