November 30, 2012

Pano Logic Closing Left You With Questions?

As you may or may not know Pano Logic has unexpectedly closed down shop, leaving Closed Signcustomers to ask where do I turn to now? Don't believe me? See for yourself. For those of you who aren't as familiar with Pano Logic, they were a virtual desktop infrastructure vendor that specialized in Zero Clients.

Gone Without a Trace?

This closing came as a great shock to many of their customers, keeping it under wraps (Even to their own employees!!) until the closing process was finalized. There had been speculation of the company’s downfall since late October, when an article was published in The Credit Union Times saying that the company had gone out of business. The speculation was not 100% confirmed until recently, when they just abruptly closed down without further explanation. The reason for them going out of business is yet to be released, though speculation is that the company had gone bankrupt. Never the less, whatever their reason for closing was. It was how they went about it that expressed complete disregard for their customers, vendors and even employees. First by not letting anyone know about it (Other than the head positions), then by being without any post-bankruptcy plan or indication of trying to aid their customer, vendor employee base leaving them stranded. This spontaneous closing of Pano Logic reiterates the importance of due diligence in selecting the right VDI partner, or any other partner for that matter.

What do I do now?

If Pano Logic has left you in the dark, have no fear, 10ZiG Technology is here for all your VDI needs! Here at 10ZiG we specialize in making and keeping our customers satisfied, specializing in the largest range of top of line of robust thin and Zero Clients, that we have carefully optimized to work in any environment. Unlike Pano our Zero Clients support VMview and ESX Server in addition to the virtual desktop! Our Zero Clients also offer feature rich multimedia capabilities, which Pano Logic has lacked. 10ZiG has great customer and vendor relationships, announcing and keeping communication open about all of the company’s activities as they come into play, so that there are no surprises. 10ZiG has been in the VDI industry since 2003, and since then we have done nothing but continue to grow exponentially year by year, with no intentions of stopping. Better choice? I think so.

Why 10ZiG?

  • Small form factor Citrix and VMware Ready Zero Clients
  • Use of industry standard VDI connection brokers (VMview, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, XenDesktop and XenApp, Quest vWorkspace, Microsoft Hyper-V etc.)
  • No renewal fee or any charge for the Centralized Management Utility
  • US based IT support team (no outsourcing)
  • Long standing company with nine years in the Thin Client marketplace
  • Simple single-tier channel based sales model
  • Path of Least Resistance Compared to Competitors
  • No Expiration Date on Software Licensing
  • 3 Years Standard Warranty on All Units