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May 05, 2021

Thin Client Computing: Thin Is Still In - Why Thin Clients Are Not Going Anywhere!

PC fat is not back! Neither are not fully functional, not fully supportive VDI endpoint devices that you may have had to take on or expand with during your work-from-home and possibly now hybrid-work strategies. Even highly-marketed PC-repurposing software on PCs, laptops or other devices is never going to give you authenticity and longevity of the VDI experience of true Thin Client computing – also in the Cloud. Thin is still in! And here’s why…

Thin Client Computing

Affordable Thin Client Computing

First of all, there is no denying that business-grade laptops with a docking station and port replicator are certainly not cheap. When outfitting a new employee or department with company supplied hardware, it can get quite pricey and adds up quickly. A full tower workstation can be quite expensive and even excessive for simply accessing a desktop virtualization platform. What you need is a purpose-built Thin Client computing system that costs considerably less of what you might spend on traditional PCs and other options. (Even including more expense Thin or Zero Clients out there.) And that purpose-built solution is 10ZiG Thin (and Zero) Clients that support the latest Operating Systems and VDI clients with optimizations for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, and today’s other must-have unified communication tools.

Up-to-Date Thin Client Computing

IT also has to often “sunset” end user PC, laptop, and other hardware as it becomes either incompatible with current management software or is seen as a vulnerability in the environment. Luckily, Thin Client computing runs a modern enterprise-grade OS, like Windows 10 IoT, and can be controlled and updated with existing system management tools like Microsoft Intune or SCCM. You get the best of both worlds, being able to manage a familiar user experience while keeping only the minimum ports and services open for connection to VDI and other required systems. Let the processing and true computing live in the Cloud, while keeping only the necessary hardware at the Client’s desk. Keeping Thin Clients thin and lean is what makes them faster and more secure compared to traditional PC hardware.

Thin Client Computing

Thin Client computing helps give back more work surface to end users compared to a bulky workstation or laptop setup, and they also consume significantly less energy as well. Take an average PC desktop that consumes around 200 watts per hour, compared to a Thin Client that uses less than 10 Wh. The power savings across hundreds of these devices over a few months can mean thousands in savings to an organization. The carbon footprint from a Thin Client is significantly less than a traditional PC when you look at the materials used to build, pack, and eventually recycle these machines.

10ZiG Thin Client Computing

As you look for hardware that will outlast your typical PC refresh-cycle or repurposed devices of any kind, seriously consider 10ZiG Thin Client computing as an alternative. Thin Clients can typically last 2-3 times longer because they internally lack moving parts that tend to fail or slow down over time compared to PCs. However, this in no way means that Thin Clients are missing the physical ports and hardware needed to satisfy your graphic intensive workloads. Many Thin Clients today support multiple (up to 4) 4K monitors, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C technology. Processing power is no slouch either, as they are packed with the latest Intel and AMD Quad core processors to offload and provide local performance if needed. Thin Clients are not going anywhere and have become even more important right now as you look to start or expand your desktop virtualization journey and/or flexible working strategy.

Thin Client Computing

Leveraging 10ZiG Thin Client computing in a VDI environment is a super easy way to get end users set-up and connected in the fastest way possible. They take up next-to-no space and come with multi-monitor support, while providing all of the ports needed to connect key devices and displays, and working with all of the popular remote desktop protocols to connect to a VDI or DaaS environment - Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Amazon WorkSpaces, etc.

10ZiG is a virtual desktop endpoint provider that offers top-quality Thin & Zero Clients for VDI and Cloud, centralized management software, exceptional tech support service, and an advance warranty. 10ZiG custom hardware features all of the above plus The 10ZiG ManagerTM, the always FREE centralized management software with unlimited licenses/users.

You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or at +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.