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September 23, 2019

How is your endpoint provider not helping you? Here's what you might be missing...

Endpoint Provider Resources

The success of so much of our day in the VDI world depends upon those we rely on – how they treat us and what they have to offer. Isn't it enough just having to deal with daily onsite issues related to endpoint devices and management than to also have to deal with unnecessary offsite issues. Your endpoint provider should not be causing issues, but rather providing answers and offering solutions.

How is your endpoint provider not helping you? We’re going to lead by example, taking a quick look at some tips on what to look out for in an endpoint provider and showing you some tricks that 10ZIG has up its sleeve! (Clue: click on any link to check out the 10ZiG resources!)

Is your endpoint provider transparent and available?

  • Sales & Support Contact Info. – A good endpoint provider has both of these and how to reach them is clear. Additionally, both should be ongoing efforts. You know that support is continually needed before, during, and after the sale.
  • Live Chat – You should be able to readily and easily speak with one of your endpoint provider’s representatives during business hours. Sometimes a quick answer or quote via “chat” is all that is needed and is a perfect way to expedite the solution to a problem.

Does your endpoint provider provide valuable information at no charge?

  • Firmware Notifications & Newsletter – Are you getting up-to-date release notes and upgrades, along with supportive industry information? A dedicated endpoint provider has designated staff to drive this information and get it into your hands.
  • FAQ Page – What about detailed FAQs? Surely, that takes some of the guesswork out of things and eliminates some contact all-together. We all know that history repeats itself and your potential problem has probably happened before.

What about free offerings and opportunities with your endpoint provider?

  • FREE Demos – Does anyone ever need a hassle? Come to expect FREE 30-day demos that you can test out in your own environment with no obligation. The process should be stress-free and easy to implement, needing only a name and address to get started.
  • Reseller/Partner Portal – If you decide to partner with your endpoint provider as a Reseller, see if they have an online Partner Portal that allows access to resources quickly, easily, and remotely. So that you can spend more time doing what you do best – selling.

Does your endpoint provider back up what they promise?

  • International Support – What good is support if you can never get a hold of someone by phone or email? Your endpoint provider could be lacking in local, easy-to-understand, dedicated, certified support staff – whether Technical or Customer Service.
  • Warranty & Guarantee – Where is your unrivaled, instant-coverage product warranty providing a 3-year Advance Exchange? Meaning, if they can’t fix your issue, they ship you a new endpoint immediately while continuing to solve the problem.

Take a deeper look at What Some Endpoint Providers Don’t Want You to Know and Why to find out what else you may be missing.

Is your endpoint provider living up to these standards? Are you missing some of these resources? If you’re considering VDI, in the middle of a VDI upgrade, or need to consider your next step with VDI, but sure to find endpoint providers who will live up to them.

About 10ZiG Technology

10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin Client & Zero Client endpoint devices for virtual desktops. 10ZiG provides leading Intel and AMD based Dual and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for Citrix HDX, VMware Blast Extreme & PCoIP, Microsoft, and Parallels environments, in addition to the widest range of Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients on the market.

10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides The 10ZiG Manager™ – an endpoint management software solution with Cloud capabilities completely free with unlimited user licenses supported. Free evaluation devices are available at 10ZiG.com. For more on 10ZiG, visit www.10ZiG.com