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January 11, 2017

Citrix Ready Thin Clients at Citrix Summit 2017 (Zero, too!)

Citrix ready Thin Clients and Zero Clients were on hand and demoed live at the 10ZiG Solution Expo Booth #503 this past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Annual Citrix Summit! From Thin to Zero, founding Citrix Partner 10ZiG Technology, showcased Citrix ready customized support; all HDX, HDX Premium, and HDX Pro 3D Verified.


Citrix Summit 2017

“Citrix Summit is the essential business development conference for partners. Partners who attend gain firsthand insight into Citrix strategy for digital business transformation through intensive technical, sales and business training that delivers the tools to strengthen relationships, take advantage of market opportunities and pave the way for new deals.” ~citrixsummit.com

Citrix Ready Thin Clients and Zero Clients from 10ZiG

Our 10ZiG 4448c & 5848qc/5848qdc are powerful, Citrix ready Zero Clients, now OneSign certified by Imprivata. The 5848qc comes standard with dual DVI video ports, while the 5848qdc comes standard with dual DisplayPort (DP) video ports. HDX, HDX Premium, and HDX Pro 3D Verified, these very capable units are available as FREE demos in any environment. Our 10ZiG Citrix ready Thin Client series is also available as a VMware Zero Client or a traditional Thin Client with Linux, WES7, WE8S or W10 IoT.

Key Features and Support

-Thin & Zero Clients verified HDX, HDX Premium and HDX 3D Pro
-Dual & Quad Core hardware with Dual DVI or Dual DisplayPort
-Support for HDX Realtime Optimization Pack (RTOP)
-Seamless Skype for Business performance
-Forthcoming Support for Citrix Receiver 13.5
-Support for Flash redirection
-Dual Screen or Quad Screen support
FREE cloud enabled 10ZiG Manager
-Optional VESA mounting & Wireless Capability
-Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) Certified
FREE 30 Day Demo Units