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November 03, 2017

Chico Unified School District (CA) is with Virtualization and 10ZiG Endpoints

Chico Unified School District (CUSD) is located in a rural area, “right in the middle of everything.” With over 12,000 students across 22 schools, CUSD’s philosophy is to share & collaborate between all school sites, as well as other school districts all over Northern California and beyond. Their emphasis is on keeping their students & staff supplied and trained on prov-en, cutting edge technology including Google Apps for Education, Virtual Desk-tops at home, Zero Clients, Chromebooks within their labs, & more. Training is provided for staff on new technology and there is ample hard work done in order to keep things up-to-date. Justin, their Information Systems Analyst, has been with CUSD since 2003 and John, their Director of Technology, has been with CUSD since 2005. Both have been dedicated to the needs of students and staff over the years, and collaborate on new technology including related purchasing decisions.

Justin had a specific technology challenge regarding two of CUSD’s High School library labs. Each lab is comprised of around 70+ workstations with lots of daily use and traffic. The staff has to be agile in several disciplines in order to keep these lab areas “up and running.” Prior to phasing into a Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure, Justin was replacing about 12 computers a week! Granted, CUSD did use refurbished machines from a local partner nonprofit, “Computers for Classrooms,” for related needs. But still, these systems were constantly hammered with use, were slow due to hard drive bottlenecks, and CUSD found it daunting trying to keep them all patched up while maintaining a consistent experience for each and every user, day in and day out. It wasn’t working. Their goal was to reimagine how they would deliver a consistent, faster, more agile Windows desktop experience to everyone. It was time to think about virtualization.

CUSD started testing out a few Zero Clients from vendors like Dell Wyse, and Justin immediately discovered that he preferred Teradici-based Solutions. He was initially using repurposed desktops and they were affordable and did per-form well for him as a bridge to converting the two mentioned labs over to VDI. The machines were also easy to replace. But, he needed something better-per-forming due to restrictions on audio device support, power consumption, and reliability. CUSD’s prior IT Director, Jason, brought 10ZiG Technology to their attention. They ordered some 30-day free demo devices and loved them. They were also able to negotiate a fantastic price per unit, so they ordered enough for both of the two libraries. They tested out several different complimentary units includ-ing PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Quad Display devices, etc. They ended up selecting V1200-P PoE devices for their Junior High School science labs due to the fact that these devices help to reduce the total number of cables needed for the armatures they had selected to upon which to mount the related screens and units. In their libraries, they decided to go with the V1200-P units w/o PoE, as they did not have PoE available in those areas at the time. Now, CUSD also has staff members in some of their offices using 10ZiG Zero Clients exclusively, as well as staff in their libraries. Justin personally has been using a 10ZiG Zero Client for over three years. He likes to know exactly what his users are going to be using and be able to share that experience with them.

After switching to 10ZiG, our librarians are much happier, the students are much happier, and we spend way less time replacing, updating, and maintaining Win-dows machines. 10ZiG Client devices are quiet, they are low-power, and they are extremely easy to manage. So far, our experience with 10ZiG has been amazing! We rarely have a device fail, and if one does fail, the return process has been painless. If we feel like trying out a new device, all I have to do is send an email and the device arrives a few days later for testing; it’s great! We definitely recommend 10ZiG to other companies for all these reasons, plus 10ZIG is just easy and fun to work with..." -Justin

About 10ZiG:For 15+ years, 10ZiG Technology has been a world-market leader in Thin Client & Zero Client endpoint devices for virtual desktop solutions. We provide leading Intel and AMD based Dual and Quad Core Thin Clients and Zero Clients for VMware Horizon Blast Extreme & PCoIP, Citrix HDX and Microsoft environments, in addition to the widest range of Teradici PCoIP® ZeroClients on the market, such as the 10iG V1200-QP Zero Client. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides The 10ZiG Manager™ – its endpoint management software solution with Cloud capabilities completely free with unlimited user licenses supported.