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September 15, 2016

VMware Blast Extreme, PCoIP, 10ZiG Manager... VMworld 2015!

Blast Extreme Pcoip 10ZiG Manager VMworld

10ZiG Technology "Got ZiGGY with IT" at VMworld with VMware Blast Extreme, PCoIP, 10ZiG Manager Cloud upgrade, and more. More VDI solutions, more friends, and more fun. We're always glad to be a part of the world of VMware!

VMware Blast Extreme, PCoIP, and more... at the booth.

Did you happen to see our demos? 10ZiG has every VDI solution covered including Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft. 10ZiG Thin Clients include the 4400, 5800, and 7800 lines, all of which are support-ready for Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP / Blast Extreme, and Microsoft RDP. Our new 5800qd Thin Client comes with high-resolution Dual (DP) DisplayPort capabilities to support Blast Extreme (h.264 video), PCoIP, HDX, and RDP. Our line of Zero Clients now includes our new V1206-PD with two high-resolution video ports, DP & DVI (Digital Video Interface), and our new V1206-PDS also adds the benefits of a fully integrated Smart Card Reader.

We're "in the Cloud" with our 10ZiG Manager.

We hope you didn't miss this! Our no-cost 10ZiG Management Software is now fully enhanced with Cloud functionality, along with a Web Console to make management of your 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients even easier. Small offices? Home networks? The 10ZiG Manager's newly extended Cloud capability creates management of formally unmanaged end users over the internet, regardless of location. Organizations deploying VDI, Session Virtualization, or Published Applications offering services such as DaaS, SaaS, and UCaas want to be able to manage client endpoints situated at remote locations. MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are also empowered to manage complete end-to-end solutions.

Why 10ZiG Technology is different.

You win with 10ZiG! 10ZiG Technology is a market leader in cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client devices. We live and breathe Thin and Zero technology, as it is our sole focus. With a wide range of clients to fit every virtual desktop solution, what sets us apart from the rest is our unsurpassed level of available and reliable customer service, our no-charge 10ZiG Manager Software, our no-registration, instant 3 Year Warranty with Advance Replacement program, and our hassle-free, 30 day complimentary Demos. Power. Speed. Performance. 10ZiG!