July 03, 2013

Reasons Why Thin and Zero Clients For VDI Are Successful in Education

Desktop Virtualization (VDI) is quickly progressing in the education sector and many school districts and universities are turning to VDI for numerous reasons including: security, centralized management, efficiency and end-user setting control. Schools who implement Thin or Zero Clients will not only benefit from a lower total cost of ownership, but will also be saving valuable time without changing the end-user experience.

Cloud Computing EducationIn the past, education officials have been asking why Thin or Zero Clients are the right fit for education. Currently however, instead of questioning why, they are asking what Thin or Zero Client is the best fit for their school. This shows that the education sector is realizing that the benefits of VDI are far greater than the upfront cost of converting. However, choosing which Thin or Zero Client is the “best” in an education setting depends on each school’s unique environment requirements.

Centralized ManagementThe top issue that schools need to consider with any new solution is manageability. Thin Clients and Zero Clients for VDI are known for their streamlined management. This stress free management solution is a key factor in many school district decisions to implement Desktop Virtualization. Thin and Zero Clients are managed centrally by a single IT administrator, which drastically minimizes the physical time spent at each desktop as well as saves on overhead expenses. Management for Thin and Zero Clients is simple because the devices can be put into groups and managed all together. In a school setting, centralized management allows for all units to be updated, managed and restored in minutes with little to no disturbance to the end-user’s productivity. Also, updating Thin and Zero Clients can be done in off-hours eliminating interruption and allowing students and faculty to return to a fully updated and refreshed Thin or Zero Client. In addition to the upfront cost of the units, most Thin and Zero Client providers charge extra for their centralized management utility. However, 10ZiG Technology offers a free, unlimited user, centralized management utility to all units purchased. You can visit 10ZiG’s website and request free demo units at www.10ZiG.com.

10ZiG Clients

When starting a new VDI project, security on the Thin or Zero Client is important. Without it, teachers must constantly monitor what applications students are using detracting from their focus and from student learning. Thin and Zero Client security can be customized from unit to unit making only necessary applications available, eliminating the need for teacher supervision. These devices can also be grouped according to which programs and applications are necessary, taking out any chance that students might be using applications that are unwarranted.

Besides effectiveness, the centralized management system makes it possible to maintain and even increase end-user efficiency. Thin and Zero Clients boot up to the sign-on screen in less than 20 seconds unlike traditional computing devices which can take several minutes to simply sign-on. This eliminates any interruption and furthers student productivity.

Thin and Zero Clients store everything on the server so that student’s work can be retrieved if lost and teachers will never risk losing important grades or lesson plans. IT administrators can control what applications are provisioned for which units and teachers can monitor or shadow what students are doing on the devices during class. Thin and Zero Clients also facilitate easy access to online education and online testing solutions.

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