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10ZiG PC Repurposing Software

Repurpose Aging PC's, laptops or third-party Thin Clients into 10ZiG Thin Clients with 10ZiG PC Repurposing

Do you have old PCs' lying around in need of repurposing? Do you want to come into the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, but don't have the IT budget to refresh all your desktops? Put your troubles aside - 10ZiG provides the perfect solution for you: 10ZiG PC Repurposing software. 10ZiG PC Repurposing consolidates old, aging legacy hardware into a locked down, secure and integrated Thin Client platform with easy to use centralized management.

10ZiG PC Repurposing software is designed so that any person could easily implement the software onto their computer, laptop or even an outdated Dell or HP thin client with no hassle. Our software not only converts your PC to a Thin Client built to your personal specifications, but also updates on its own so that you are never left with outdated programs, applications, or OS's. The best part is that literally any PC (after 1998) is capable of being converted.

Reasons to try 10ZiG PC Repurposing
  • Installs in minutes
  • Compatible with most standard x86 based PC's
  • Supports VMware, Citrix and RDP
  • Centrally manage all devices from your browser
  • Uniform and streamline your entire network
  • Free endpoint management with The 10ZiG Manager™
Reuse of Old PC's and Third-Party Thin Clients

With 10ZiG PC Repurposing, you get all advantages of Thin Client computing on your PC. The software is a user friendly/GUI Linux based OS, which supports a wide range of desktops and peripherals. It gives you the ability to access a current Windows OS and applications on old x86 hardware while providing a secure locked down user interface.

  • Hassle Free, Intuitive Central Management

    10ZiG PC Repurposing software is easy to install, configure and manage. It allows sessions to be easily configured out of the box with the integrated installer.
  • Highly Flexible

    10ZiG PC Repurposing software connects to a wide range of platforms including VMware, Citrix and RDP.
  • Uniform Your Network

    Use one single operating system for your complete hardware - no need to manage different operating systems. Use 10ZiG PC Repurposing for all your PC's, laptops and Thin Clients on your network.
  • 2 Convenient and Risk-Free Options to Demo our Software

    1. Install via a live boot where the software is running from the USB drive, where it can be easily removed – leaving your OS intact. (This option is also great for a BYOD or remote-worker environment rollout, which empowers workers to connect to your network at home or on the go.)

    2. Install the OS locally, which overrides Windows entirely.
Minimum Requirements
  • PC or Thin Client device
  • 500 MHz or more
  • 128MB Ram
  • 1GB Storage
  • VGA graphics adapter
  • Ethernet network interface
  • x86 based processor
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Note: Please use a decompression program that allows for password protect such as 7zip to extract the contents of the download.

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